Easter Drawing Ideas: Hop into new Egg-citing Drawing Ideas 2024

Easter epitomizes a time for renewal, rejoicing, and inventive expression, and what better way to greet this season than by delving into exciting concepts for Easter illustrations? I always hold the conviction that picking up a pencil or brush turns every festivity into an opportunity to create something beautiful and distinct. From the vibrant hues of Easter eggs to the delicate tenderness of rabbits, each drawing adds a sprinkle of joy and captures the spirit of the springtime.

chocolate easter bunny and eggs as easter drawing ideas
By George Dolgikh

For me, drawing is not just about the result; it’s about the fun of the process and the stories the doodles can tell. From simple sketches to elaborate scenes, every piece is a celebration of imagination. It’s especially wonderful when I can share this activity with family and friends, making memories as we craft our Easter-inspired art together.

Easter Traditions and Themes

When I think about Easter, I imagine bright colors and meaningful symbols. Crafting Easter drawing ideas becomes an enjoyable way to embrace and share the essence of this cherished holiday.

Understanding Easter

Easter is a significant Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It concludes Holy Week, an observance filled with profound events like the Last Supper and Good Friday, the day marking Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Given its foundational Christian roots, Easter embodies themes of hope, renewal, and victory over death.

three chick as easter drawing ideas
By Pixabay

Popular Easter Symbols

  • Easter Bunny: A symbol of fertility, often depicted with colorful eggs, representing new life.
  • Easter Eggs: They stand for rebirth and have become a centerpiece in Easter traditions, where decorating and hiding them creates a playful environment for children.
  • Lilies: These flowers symbolize purity and have a strong association with the themes of resurrection.
  • Cross: Central to Easter, the cross signifies sacrifice and salvation, reflecting the crucifixion of Jesus.
eggs with flowers as easter drawing ideas
By Karolina Grabowska

Incorporating these symbols into your Easter drawing ideas can add depth and reflection to the creative process. Whether it’s a detailed image of the cross or a playful portrayal of the Easter bunny, each element holds significance within the broader Easter traditions. To get into the mood for bigger easter drawing ideas, you could start with doodling.

Creative Easter Drawing Ideas for Kids

Engaging children in drawing can not only spark their creativity but also create lovely holiday memories. On Easter, countless fun and simple ideas can keep the little ones entertained. I’ve picked out some wonderful Easter drawing ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages.

easter drawing ideas

Easy Easter Drawing Ideas for Children

It’s always a joy to see children express their creativity, especially during festive occasions. For beginners, starting with easy Easter drawings is the way to go. Easter bunnies and Easter chicks make for adorable subjects that children can easily relate to and get excited about. By using simple shapes to form the characters, even the youngest artists can successfully create their own Easter masterpieces.

easter bunny drawn with watercolors as easter drawing ideas
By Leeloo The First

This step-by-step guide to creating an Easter Bunny from your easter drawing ideas can be particularly helpful to ensure the little ones can follow along and feel proud of their work:

  1. Draw the Head: Start by drawing a large oval in the middle of the paper for the bunny’s head.
  2. Add the Body: Below the head, draw a larger oval that overlaps slightly with the bottom of the head oval. This will be the bunny’s body.
  3. Draw the Ears: On top of the head, draw two long and slightly curved lines going upwards for the ears. Add another line inside each ear, following the same shape, to represent the inner part of the ears.
  4. Draw the Eyes: Draw two small circles on the face for the eyes. Inside each circle, draw a smaller circle and shade it in for the pupils, leaving a little white dot for the reflection.
  5. Add the Nose and Whiskers: Just below the eyes, in the center of the face, draw an upside-down triangle for the nose. Add three whiskers on each side of the nose by drawing simple lines.
  6. Draw the Mouth: Under the nose, draw a curved line down and then up again to create a cute smile.
  7. Add the Arms: On the sides of the body, draw two ovals for the arms.
  8. Draw the Feet: At the bottom of the body, draw two large ovals for the feet.
  9. Tail and Details: On the backside of the bunny, draw a small fluffy circle for the tail. Add lines inside the feet ovals for the toes.
  10. Easter Touch: Draw a simple egg shape in one of the bunny’s arms or beside it to symbolize Easter. You can add simple patterns on the egg like stripes, dots, or zigzags.
  11. Final Touches: Go over your drawing with a darker pencil or pen to outline your bunny and make it stand out. Use an eraser to clean up any extra lines or smudges.
  12. Color Your Bunny (Optional): Color your Easter bunny using crayons or colored pencils

Easter Drawings for Family Bonding

One of my favorite things about holidays is the chance to spend quality time with family. Drawing together can be a delightful family activity that promotes bonding.

children drawing as easter drawing ideas
By Eren Li
  1. Easter Egg Design Collaboration
    • Each family member gets to draw and decorate their own Easter egg on a large sheet of paper. Use pencils, markers, or paints to add patterns, such as stripes, polka dots, flowers, or even characters. Once everyone is done, discuss the designs and what inspired them, creating a tapestry of family creativity.
  2. Easter Scene Mural
    • Tape a large piece of paper or poster board to a wall or lay it flat on a table. As a family, brainstorm an Easter scene to draw, such as a bunny village, an Easter egg hunt in a park, or a springtime garden. Each person can choose a part of the scene to draw, and in the end, you’ll have a collaborative mural to display in your home.
  3. Family Easter Portrait
    • Have each family member draw themselves as an Easter-themed character, such as bunnies, chicks, lambs, or even Easter eggs. Combine all the individual drawings to create a fun, themed family portrait. This activity is not only entertaining but also a keepsake to remember the holiday by.
  4. Easter Basket Still Life
    • Set up a still-life scene with a basket filled with Easter eggs, a plush bunny, spring flowers, and any other Easter-related items. Each family member can draw their interpretation of the still life, sharing their unique perspective. This activity helps to develop observational skills and provides a platform for discussing art techniques and styles.
  5. Easter Storybook Creation
    • Collaborate on an Easter-themed storybook. Decide on a story together, then assign each person a part of the story to illustrate. This could be the cover, a particular scene, or a character. Once all the drawings are complete, compile them into a book and read the story together. This not only encourages drawing but also storytelling and writing skills.

Easy Egg Drawings

Easter eggs are iconic symbols of the holiday, and there are so many creative ways to draw them. Begin with easy egg drawings where kids can let their imaginations run wild with colors and designs. From bold stripes and polka dots to more intricate floral patterns, every egg can be a unique creation. Encourage the children to explore different mediums, like crayons, watercolors, or markers, to add a splash of color to their designs. Plus, these easter drawing ideas can double as decorations for the Easter celebration!

a girl painting eggs as easter drawing ideas
By Pavel Danilyuk

Each of these ideas offers a gateway into the world of drawing, making it an enjoyable and fulfilling part of the Easter festivities for kids and the whole family. You can also experiment with some more unusual drawing materials, like charcoal to create special drawings.

Creative Easter Drawing Ideas for Adults

Easter is a time of joy, and as an adult, I find that indulging in some Easter drawing is the perfect way to celebrate the season. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to create something special to gift, these Easter drawing ideas will offer inspiration and a sense of fulfillment.

eggs on a atable as easter drawing ideas
By Mikhail Nilov

Easy Easter Drawings for Beginners

For those just starting, I recommend focusing on simple subjects like the Easter Bunny or Easter eggs. There’s joy in simplicity, and these subjects allow for creative expression without overwhelming details. To get started, consider a step-by-step guide (like the one above) that will lead you through each phase of your drawing. Personalize your Easter eggs with unique patterns and colors, or experiment with drawing a cartoon-style Easter chick. It’s also a wonderful family activity that allows for bonding with children who might be eager to join in – here are my ten easy easter drawing ideas:

  1. Basic Easter Egg: Draw an oval shape and add simple patterns like stripes, polka dots, or stars.
  2. Simple Bunny Face: Sketch a circle for the head, add two long ovals for ears, and draw in facial features like two dots for the eyes and a small triangle for the nose.
  3. Chick Hatching: Draw a cracked egg and a small chick peeking out. The chick can be a combination of a few ovals and circles.
  4. Easter Basket: Create a basket by drawing an upside-down U shape, add a handle, and fill it with oval shapes for eggs.
  5. Cross with Flowers: Draw a simple cross and adorn it with small flowers around the base or draped over the arms.
  6. Carrot: Sketch a long, narrow triangle for the body of the carrot and add lines for texture. Draw a few jagged lines at the top for the greenery.
  7. Spring Tulip: Draw a U shape for the base of the tulip, add petals around the top, and include a stem with leaves. I also have articles about Flower Drawing Ideas and Aesthetic Flower Drawing for more inspiration.
  8. Lamb: Make a fluffy cloud shape for the body, add a smaller circle for the head, and finish with stick legs, ears, and a face.
  9. Butterfly: Create a small body in the center and add symmetrical wings on either side, decorated with simple patterns.
  10. Easter Bonnet: Sketch a wide-brimmed hat and add a ribbon and flowers for decoration.

And always remember, drawing is about having fun and enjoying the moment. And not trying to draw the perfect picture from the beginning. You will get better with every picture – so create some art from your easter drawing ideas!

Easter Drawing Ideas to Give Away

Hand-drawn images make for heartfelt gifts, and I find that custom Easter drawings are a delightful present for friends and family. For parents especially, consider crafting a memorable Easter Bunny picture that incorporates elements significant to your recipient. Perhaps it’s an Easter basket filled with their favorite flowers or a whimsically painted egg. Remember, it’s not just the final piece but also the thought and effort you put into it that makes it special.

easter greeting card as easter drawing ideas
By George Dolgikh

Maybe you can find inspiration in my list of ten easter drawing ideas to give away:

  1. Personalized Easter Eggs
    • Draw a series of Easter eggs and personalize each one with the recipient’s name or initials, decorated with intricate patterns or their favorite colors.
  2. Easter Wreath
    • Illustrate a circular wreath adorned with spring flowers, Easter eggs, and ribbons. Add a warm Easter greeting in the center.
  3. Spring Landscape
    • Create a serene springtime scene with blooming flowers, a bunny or two in the grass, and perhaps a soft sunrise to symbolize new beginnings. If you want to draw some other landscapes, you can read about Landscape Drawing Ideas.
  4. Religious Symbols
    • For those who observe the religious aspects of Easter, a drawing of a cross, a dove, or a sunrise service could be a touching gift.
  5. Easter Bunny Portrait
    • Draw a cute and friendly Easter bunny with a basket full of colorful eggs. This classic symbol of Easter is sure to bring a smile.
  6. Chick in a Basket
    • Illustrate an adorable chick sitting in a small woven basket surrounded by Easter eggs, perfect for a cute and cheerful gift.
  7. Floral Cross
    • Combine the symbols of faith and spring by drawing a cross surrounded or covered with spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, or lilies.
  8. Easter Parade
    • Depict a fun Easter parade scene with characters wearing Easter bonnets and outfits, carrying balloons, or playing musical instruments.
  9. Easter Egg Hunt
    • Create a playful drawing of children or animals in a garden searching for hidden Easter eggs among the flowers and trees.
  10. Vintage Easter Card
    • Draw inspiration from vintage Easter cards and create an illustration with soft pastel colors, featuring Victorian-style Easter imagery such as lambs, chicks, and elegant eggs.

Complex Easter Drawing Ideas

If you’re up for a challenging project, complex Easter scenes can be incredibly rewarding. Create an intricate composition featuring a landscape filled with Easter eggs hidden throughout a lush garden or a family of Easter bunnies celebrating the holiday. These scenes take more time and patience but are perfect for adults seeking a more involved Easter drawing experience. They can also turn into a wonderful tradition of adding complexity and detail each year to create a masterpiece out of your easter drawing ideas.

procession as easter drawing ideas
By Alem Sánchez
  1. Easter Morning at the Cathedral
    • Draw an elaborate scene of a cathedral on Easter morning, complete with Gothic or Romanesque architectural details, stained glass windows reflecting the morning light, and a congregation dressed in their finest attire. Include the intricate details of the building’s facade and the surrounding environment with blooming spring flowers. To add some more details, you can read about Spring Drawing Ideas here.
  2. The Last Supper Reimagined
    • Create a detailed reinterpretation of the iconic Last Supper with an Easter theme. This could involve modern or historical figures, or a completely original set of characters, seated around a table adorned with symbolic Easter elements. Pay special attention to facial expressions, clothing folds, and the meal layout to capture the complexity of the scene.
  3. Easter Parade in a Historic Town
    • Illustrate a bustling Easter parade down the main street of a quaint, historic town. Include detailed buildings, a variety of parade floats, marching bands, spectators in Easter attire, and street vendors. Adding elements like cobblestone streets, vintage cars, and Easter decorations will increase the complexity of the drawing.
  4. An Easter Garden with the Easter Bunny
    • Draw an intricate garden scene where the Easter Bunny is hiding eggs. Include a variety of plant species, garden ornaments, a pond with ducks, and perhaps some hidden forest creatures observing the scene. The complexity can be increased by adding textures to the foliage, reflections in the water, and shadows to create depth.
  5. Fantasy Easter Egg Island
    • Create a fantasy landscape where Easter eggs aren’t just hidden – they’re part of the environment. Maybe in your easter drawing ideas exists an island where trees are shaped like eggs, the mountains in the background resemble cracked eggshells, and the rivers flow with colorful, liquid egg yolk. Populate the scene with fantastical creatures and Easter egg-inspired architecture for the dwellings.

Step-by-Step Guides to Easter Drawings

I’ve always loved the vibrancy and joy that Easter brings, especially through creative activities. To help you bring some of that joy onto paper, I’m going to share some simple, easy-to-follow drawing tutorials that feature classic Easter subjects: bunnies, baskets, and chicks. This will surely cover a few elements of your easter drawing ideas. Whether you’re drawing with kids or on your own, these guides will surely make for a fantastic, crafty Easter.

rabbit as easter drawing ideas

How to Draw an Easter Bunny

Drawing an Easter bunny starts with the basic outline of a head and a body. I focus on giving the bunny a round face and a chubby body to emphasize cuteness. Big, floppy ears are a must and don’t forget the signature fluffy tail. Begin with light pencil strokes to get the proportions right, then trace with a darker line and add details like eyes, whiskers, and decorated eggs lying beside the bunny.

rabbit in a basket as easter drawing ideas

How to Draw an Easter Basket

An Easter basket is all about the shape and the texture. Start with an oval for the opening, then sketch the sides flowing down into a rounded bottom to create depth. Overlapping lines will mimic wicker texture, giving it that woven look. Fill your basket with oval shapes for Easter egg drawings, varying in size, and adorn them with patterns of stripes, dots, and waves.

eggs in a basket as easter drawing ideas
By Mark Stebnicki

Crafting an Easter Chick Illustration

For an adorable Easter chick drawing, start with a circular shape for the body; think of it as a fluffy ball. Add a smaller circle on top of the head and two smaller ones for the wings. Chicks are all about simplicity and roundness. Include details like tiny triangle beaks, dot eyes, and of course, lightly sketched lines to suggest the fluffy feathers. With the basics down, you can personalize your chick by adding accessories or placing it inside a decorated egg.

chick with three eggs in a basket as easter drawing ideas

Incorporating Color and Decoration

When I think of Easter, vibrant colors and festive decorations immediately come to mind. That’s why in my Easter drawing ideas, I focus on using a variety of hues and embellishments to capture the spirit of the holiday.

Using Colors to Bring Easter Drawings to Life

  • Choose the Right Medium: For vivid details, I rely on colored pencils and markers because they offer a great range of colors ideal for Easter themes.
  • Color Selection: Bright pastels are my go-to for Easter. Think soft pinks, sky blues, and gentle yellows to mimic the colors of the season.

Example Pairing:

ColorEaster Element
Soft PinkEaster Bunny
Sky BlueSpring Sky
Lemon YellowDaffodils

Adding Decorative Elements

  • Creative Embellishments: I like to add creative touches like patterns on Easter eggs or backgrounds that feature spring flowers.
  • Easter Decorations: I draw inspiration from real Easter decorations to add authenticity to my artwork, like ribbons on baskets or a garland of spring flowers.

By implementing these colorful and decorative strategies in your easter drawing ideas, you’ll undoubtedly enhance the festive Easter ambiance.

10 Easter-Themed Drawing Projects

When I think about Easter, vibrant art projects fill my head, with each one celebrating the joy and colors of the season. Easter drawing ideas are a fantastic way to ring in the holiday, with everything from fluffy bunnies to lively spring flowers making an appearance on the canvas.

  1. Easter Egg Design Series: Create a series of drawings featuring Easter eggs with various cultural designs. Research traditional patterns from around the world and draw a collection of eggs in these styles. You could also add these patterns to your other easter drawing ideas.
  2. Easter Story Illustration: Illustrate a scene from a traditional Easter story, whether it’s a biblical narrative like the Resurrection or a children’s tale involving the Easter Bunny. Focus on capturing the emotion and setting of the story.
  3. Easter Parade Comic Strip: Design a comic strip that tells the story of a humorous or heartwarming incident at an Easter parade. Include characters in Easter bonnets and other festive attire.
  4. Easter Bunny’s Adventure: Create a series of drawings that depict the Easter Bunny on an adventure. This could be a journey through different landscapes to deliver Easter eggs or a quest to find the perfect Easter egg.
  5. Springtime Nature Journal: Start a nature journal featuring the flora and fauna that emerge during the Easter season. Draw blooming flowers, budding trees, and animals that are active in spring.
  6. Easter Egg Hunt Map: Draw an imaginative map of a garden or park where an Easter egg hunt could take place. Include hiding spots, landmarks, and challenges along the way.
  7. Fantasy Easter Island: Create a fantasy drawing of an Easter-themed island, complete with chocolate rivers, marshmallow trees, and candy structures. Populate the island with fantastical creatures celebrating Easter.
  8. Easter Still Life: Set up a still life that includes Easter-related items such as painted eggs, a basket, spring flowers, and a plush bunny. Draw the still life, focusing on the textures and light reflections.
  9. Easter Fashion Designs: Draw a series of fashion designs for an Easter Sunday brunch. Include a range of outfits from formal to casual, each incorporating spring themes and Easter motifs. I also recommend my article about Clothes Drawing Reference for the perfect fashion design drawing.
  10. Easter Mural Design: Plan and design a large-scale mural that celebrates Easter and the arrival of spring. Sketch the layout and consider how it would look in a public space, such as a community center or school.

With inspiration from these ten easter-themes, you will surely discover your easter drawing ideas which will make your easter a lot more colorful.

Complex Easter Scenes and Stories

For more practiced artists, crafting complex Easter scenes weaves a story into the canvas. These can include:

  1. The Great Easter Egg Crafting Workshop
    • In a hidden valley, the Easter Bunny operates a secret workshop where magical creatures come together to craft the world’s Easter eggs. Each egg is imbued with joy and the essence of spring. The scene is bustling with activity, with fairies painting delicate designs, gnomes forging egg stands, and the Easter Bunny overseeing the operations. The story could follow a young apprentice’s first day at the workshop and the important egg they are tasked to create.
  2. The Easter Parade of the Enchanted Forest
    • In an enchanted forest, all the animals come together for a grand Easter parade, wearing flower garlands and painted eggshell hats. The scene is a procession winding through the blooming forest, with different animal groups contributing their unique talents to the celebration, such as birds singing melodious tunes and rabbits performing acrobatic jumps. The story could revolve around the animals’ efforts to organize the parade and the unexpected challenges they face.
  3. The Time-Traveling Easter Egg
    • A mystical Easter egg has the power to transport anyone who touches it through time to witness key moments related to the Easter tradition. The scene could depict various historical and cultural settings, from medieval egg jousts to Victorian Easter feasts. The story might follow a curious historian who discovers the egg and is taken on an enlightening journey through the ages, learning the true meaning of Easter.
  4. The Resurrection Tapestry
    • A grand tapestry hangs in an ancient cathedral, illustrating the biblical story of the Resurrection. The scene is a detailed depiction of the tapestry with scenes of the empty tomb, the angelic announcement, and the joy of the disciples. The story could focus on a gifted artist who is commissioned to restore the tapestry and, in doing so, experiences a personal renewal of faith and purpose.
  5. The Easter Lighthouse
    • A lighthouse keeper prepares for the annual Easter celebration where the beacon shines not only to guide ships but also to signal the start of a treasure hunt for a legendary golden egg said to grant a wish to the finder. The scene is a rugged coastline with the lighthouse standing tall amidst a stormy sea, with villagers gathering in anticipation of the beacon’s light.

Each of these ideas offers a chance to capture the spirit of Easter in art, inviting artists of all levels to create something special for the holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easter is a time of joy, and what better way to celebrate than by creating some adorable Easter drawing ideas? Let’s explore some common questions to help everyone from toddlers to adults join in the fun.

What are some easy Easter-themed drawings that beginners can try?

I recommend starting with simple shapes like Easter eggs, chicks, and bunnies. You can also try drawing a basket full of Easter eggs with basic geometric shapes.

Could you suggest some Easter drawing ideas suitable for adults?

Adults may enjoy more complex scenes, such as a detailed Easter brunch setting or a landscape featuring an Easter egg hunt.

What are some adorable concepts for Easter drawings?

Think of fluffy bunnies, chicks in a nest, or cute doodles with Easter motifs. Character drawings like an Easter Bunny in a festive outfit can also be charming.

How can toddlers participate in drawing activities for Easter?

Toddlers can start with finger painting or simple coloring pages featuring Easter themes such as eggs and bunnies.

What are some ways to incorporate religious themes into Easter drawings?

Illustrations of crosses, praying hands with a background of sunrise, or a scene depicting the Resurrection can reflect the religious significance of Easter.

Can you recommend simple and cute Easter drawing ideas for novices?

Absolutely! How about a cartoonish lamb, a baby bird just hatched from its Easter egg, or a bunny holding a single Easter egg with a big smile?

If you liked this blog post about easter drawing ideas, don’t forget to leave me a comment down below to tell me about your experience with it.

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