Metallic Markers

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Elevate your craft with our luxurious metallic markers in Copper, Gold and Silver, featuring a versatile 1-5mm writing thickness and a choice of brush or hard nib tips, available as single or double pen packs.

Infuse elegance into your projects with our exquisite metallic markers, available in Copper, opulent Gold and lustrous Silver. These markers are designed to deliver a premium metallic finish, perfect for a range of applications from DIY crafts to professional artwork. Whether you’re personalizing greeting cards, creating wedding invitations, or adding a touch of glamour to your scrapbooks, our metallic markers are the ideal choice.

Our markers come in loose packaging, giving you the flexibility to choose between single or double pen packs based on your project needs. The non-erasable ink ensures that your designs are permanent, making them perfect for creating lasting impressions on a variety of surfaces.

The writing thickness of these markers ranges from 1mm to 5mm (0.04 inches to 0.2 inches), providing you with the versatility to switch between fine detailed work and bold, expressive strokes. The unique brush tip offers the fluidity of a paintbrush, ideal for calligraphy and freeform art, while the hard nib tip allows for consistent lines and enhanced control.

The rich, metallic pigment in our markers stands out on both light and dark surfaces, providing a striking contrast and a beautiful sheen. The ink is specially formulated to flow smoothly without skipping or dragging, ensuring a seamless application every time.

These metallic markers are not just another addition to your art supplies; they are a statement of sophistication and style.

Choose our metallic markers for their elegance, reliability, and versatility. Whether you’re working on a small-scale art piece or a large decorative project, these markers will provide the professional-grade results you desire. Purchase your pack today and let your creations shine with the rich, reflective beauty of copper, metallic gold and silver ink. Ideal for artists, crafters, and anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their work, our metallic markers are a must-have. Get ready to make your mark with sophistication – order your metallic markers today and let your creativity shine!


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