Pastel Pencils

10,00 $

Create dreamy landscapes and portraits with our pastel pencils, featuring lush pastel tones and a sturdy 4mm lead, encased in smooth linden wood for unparalleled control and comfort.

Introducing our exquisite collection of pastel pencils, an essential tool for artists who seek the soft, ethereal quality of pastel colors with the precision of a pencil. Whether you’re crafting a serene landscape or capturing the delicate nuances of a portrait, our pastel pencils are the ideal choice for artists who demand excellence and versatility.

With a spectrum of pastel tones at your fingertips, these pencils allow you to effortlessly blend and layer colors, creating a range of effects from bold intensity to gentle whispers of hue. The pastel lead is specially formulated to glide smoothly across your paper, depositing rich, pigmented color that brings your artistic visions to life.

At the core of each pencil is a robust 4mm lead, designed to withstand the pressures of passionate artistry without sacrificing the delicate touch needed for detailed work. This generous lead size ensures longevity and consistent performance, so you can focus on your creativity without interruption.

The handle of each pencil is crafted from linden wood, renowned for its lightweight yet durable nature. The wood’s fine grain results in a sleek, comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during those long, inspired sessions. The natural beauty of linden wood complements the pastel colors, making these pencils not only a tool but a work of art in their own right.


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