Small Paint Brushes

9,99 $

Perfect your detailed art with our 50-piece small paint brushes set, available in sharp and flat sets for watercolor, with elegant black or yellow brushes.

Introducing our exquisite 50-piece small paint brushes set, specifically designed for watercolor artists who demand precision and versatility in their brushwork. Whether you’re a detailed miniature painter, a watercolorist, or a hobbyist, this comprehensive set provides the tools you need to create with confidence and finesse.

Our brushes come in two distinct sets: sharp and flat. The sharp set is ideal for intricate lines and fine details, while the flat set allows for broader strokes and fills. This versatility ensures that, no matter your artistic vision, you have the right brush at your fingertips.

Each brush hair is carefully crafted with a sleek black or vibrant yellow color, adding a touch of sophistication and personal style to your art supplies. The brushes are made with durable mixed fibers that maintain a fine point and hold watercolor well, delivering smooth, even coverage and excellent color carrying capacity.

The set includes 50 pieces, ensuring that you’re equipped for any project. The handles are proportionally balanced to provide comfort and control, allowing for hours of painting without strain or discomfort.

The synthetic bristles are not only durable but also easy to clean, ensuring that your brushes can be maintained in pristine condition for future use. Whether you’re laying down washes, creating gradients, or adding those final touches, our brushes offer the precision required for watercolor painting.

Invest in our small paint brushes set and take your watercolor work to the next level. With 50 pieces to choose from, you’ll never be without the perfect brush for any detail. Embrace the full potential of your creativity and watch as your artistic endeavors flourish with our reliable and elegant brushes.


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