Blue Things to Draw: Ideas for Artistic Inspiration 2024

Each time I’m gripped with the desire to animate an empty canvas, I find that depicting objects in various shades of blue consistently works wonders. The spectrum of blue, ranging from gentle baby blues to deep, rich indigos, possesses a distinct allure. Interacting with different shades of blue invariably sparks happiness and connects to a feeling of peace, mirroring the serenity of the sea or the vastness of the sky onto my drawing pad.

blue things to draw
By Pok Rie

Exploring different blue objects is also an excellent way for me to experiment with shades, textures, and emotions. Whether it’s the playful curiosity stirred by sketching a group of sapphire-colored butterflies, or the challenge of capturing the glossy sheen of a classic cobalt blue vase, each subject offers a new perspective. The experience isn’t just about creating aesthetically pleasing art—it’s a journey into the depths of a color that symbolizes wisdom, stability, and serenity.

Engaging with the color blue in art can be a rewarding endeavor, inviting relaxation and creativity in equal measure. It frequents my palette when I want my work to convey a peaceful yet profound narrative. So, let’s discover the potential of blue and start sketching something that reflects its beauty.

The Color Blue

When I think of blue things to draw, I’m immediately reminded of the vast array of emotions and scenes the color blue can invoke. Let’s dive into what makes blue such a captivating choice for artists.

Understanding Blue

Blue is more than just a color; it’s a representation of both the natural world and our innermost thoughts. When you see a blue sky or a rippling ocean, a sense of calm often washes over you, doesn’t it? This color has a unique ability to capture feelings ranging from tranquility to sadness. Interestingly, despite its association with cooler temperatures and calmness, blue is scattered more by the air molecules, which is why we perceive the sky as blue.

sky as blue things to draw
By Stanislav Kondratiev

Shades of Blue

The variety of shades of blue is truly astounding, so there are a lot of blue things to draw. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

  • Sky Blue: Light and airy, reminiscent of a clear day.
  • Navy Blue: Dark and authoritative, often used for uniforms.
  • Cerulean: A sky-blue, azure hue that’s bright and cheerful.
  • Teal: A deeper, more complex mix of blue and green, evoking a sophisticated feel.
pier as blue things to draw
By ZK1FILMS Videografo

Objects in Blue

When I think about blue things to draw, I’m instantly reminded of the calming effect this color has on the soul. It conjures images of serene landscapes and vibrant art elements, all steeped in the tranquility of blue.

Blue Nature Elements

  • Ocean Waves: The deep, mesmerizing blues of ocean waves offer a sense of calm and vastness. They’re one of my favorite blue things to draw, with the varying shades from teal to navy encapsulating the sea’s mood.
  • Sky: An endless canvas of soft blue tones interspersed with swirls of white clouds presents a classic choice when pondering what blue elements in nature to bring to life on paper.
  • Flowers: There are a lot of blue flowers, that wait to be drawn by you. If you need help with drawing flowers, you can take a look at my articles about Flower Drawing Ideas, or the article about Aesthetic Flower Drawing.
ice as blue things to draw
By the happiest face =)

Blue Space Elements

  • Cosmos: Space art is a gorgeous frontier, teeming with blues from the lightest azure to the darkest midnight. Illustrating the universe allows me to get creative with patterns and highlights in stars and nebulas.
  • Earth from Space: This is a unique angle that portrays our planet as a stunning blue marble against the velvet, star-speckled backdrop of space.
night sky as blue things to draw
By Pixabay

Man-Made Blue Items

  • Blue Pottery: Drawing intricate designs on blue pottery pieces enables me to explore geometry and symmetry, all while playing with light and shadow.
  • Blue Glassware: Glass reflects and bends light in captivating ways. Sketching blue glass items, whether it’s vintage bottles or modern art pieces, challenges my perception of transparency and color.
  • Blue Clothing: Do you have some taste in clothing? Maybe you want to draw some blue clothing, for humans or even animals like a blue poncho for a dog?
a windows with blue shutters as blue things to draw
By Pixabay

Characters As Blue Things To Draw

When I think about blue things to draw, characters always spring to mind first. They add a vibrant pop of color and personality to any artwork.

Blue Cartoon Characters

In the realm of cartoon characters, you’ll find an array of blue icons that could brighten up your sketchbook. Here’s a short list:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: This speedy character is a classic favorite with his electric blue spikes.
  • Smurfs: These little creatures present many shades of blue to experiment with in a single drawing.
  • Dory (Finding Nemo): A little blue fish, that was saving the day!
  • Genie (Aladdin): Living in a magical lamp and doing some magical stuff. Try it out!
  • Stitch: A little blue Alien, together with Lilo, they are always in some trouble.

Inspiration is easy to come by, from the beloved Bluey the puppy to even crafting your characters in unique blue outfits. Maybe you want to take a look at my article about Easy Cartoon Characters to Draw to get a feeling for drawing cartoon characters. And then just add some blue.

Blue Mythological Creatures

Moving beyond the animated screen, blue mythological creatures offer a wealth of blue things to draw potential:

  • Dragons: Envision scales shimmering in cerulean hues.
  • Mermaids: Picture the gentle gradients from seafoam to deep sapphire.
  • Blue men of the Minch: On the shores of Scotland, they are looking for sailors to drown and stricken boats to sink.

Each creature holds a universe of tints and patterns, waiting for your pencil to bring them to life. Whether choosing a figure steeped in legend or designing an entirely new entity, the spectrum of blue provides an excellent playground for creativity.


When I think about blue things to draw, scenes brimming with various shades of blue from the environment to the cityscape jump to mind. Let’s explore two specific scenes where blue can take center stage in our artwork.

Blue Landscapes

I’ve always been mesmerized by the range of blues in natural landscapes. An azure sky reflected in a crystal-clear lake, or the deep indigo of an incoming storm offers an excellent opportunity for creating a captivating piece. A blue landscape could be anything from rolling misty hills at dawn to a tranquil coastline bathed in the blue light of dusk.

coastline as blue things to draw
By Lachlan Ross

Urban Scenes with Blue Hues

Blue hues also have a place in urban environments. Drawing a city scene during the “blue hour”, just after sunset, can showcase buildings and streets awash in cool, blue tones. Alternatively, introducing a bold blue element like a painted mural or a series of blue streetlights can add a unique touch to an urban sketch. These elements bring a lively contrast to the grays and browns of city architecture.

church during the blue hour as blue things to draw
By Christopher H

Abstract Concepts

When I consider blue things to draw, I often turn to abstract concepts. These can transform the color blue into a myriad of artistic explorations with deeper meanings.

Emotions and Blue

In my sketches, I love to depict emotions through the use of blue. This hue can express a range of feelings, from the tranquility of a calm sea to the sorrow of ‘the blues’. To capture this in your art, you might:

  • Use light blue to convey peacefulness or serenity.
  • Opt for dark blue to represent sadness or introspection.

Blue Patterns and Textures

Abstract patterns and textures provide a unique opportunity to play with blue in dynamic ways. My personal favorites include:

  • Drawing geometric shapes with varying shades of blue to create a sense of movement.
  • Using blue gradients to bring depth and dimension to a flat canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re eager to expand your palette with various blue things to draw, these questions are just for you!

What are some easy-to-draw objects that are naturally blue?

I find that the sky, oceans, and bluebirds are effortlessly blue subjects to begin with when exploring art.

I’m a beginner looking for cool blue-colored art ideas, do you have any recommendations?

Absolutely! You might get inspired by drawing blue jeans, sapphires, or even creating your own shades of blue in abstract pieces.

What are charming and cute subjects for a drawing with a blue color scheme?

Consider sketching characters from Blue’s Clues or drawing an adorable collection of blue things like blue ice cream, blue cars, or fluffy blue clouds.

What are some creative ideas for kids to draw with blue as the primary color?

Kids love drawing imaginative scenes like underwater adventures with dolphins or a night sky filled with shooting stars.

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