Furniture Markers

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Revitalize your cherished furniture with our Furniture Markers, featuring a 7mm (0.28″) oblique brush tip in a range of colors including white, black, and various wood tones for seamless touch-ups.

Breathe new life into your vintage and well-loved furniture with our premium Furniture Markers. Designed to expertly conceal scratches, nicks, and discolorations, these markers are the ideal solution for quick and easy furniture restoration. The set includes a palette of colors tailored for furniture repair: white, black, walnut, brown, mahogany, cherry wood, light mahogany, and a rendering color to match your pieces flawlessly.

Each marker boasts a 7mm (0.28 inches) oblique brush tip that allows for precise control, ensuring that the ink is applied smoothly and evenly over affected areas. The permanent ink formula is specially created to blend seamlessly with the original finish, offering a repair that is both durable and indistinguishable from the rest of the piece.

Our Furniture Markers are a perfect repair set for vintage furniture, as they are designed to restore the original beauty of your items without the need for costly refinishing. With just a simple retouch, drawing over any imperfections, you can watch them disappear permanently. The transformation is not only effective but also immediate, with no additional tools or products required.

Whether you’re dealing with minor damage or regular wear and tear, our Furniture Markers are suitable for a variety of finishes and wood types. The versatility of the color range means you can tackle everything from light pine to deep ebony finishes. The markers are also great for enhancing the color of faded edges and for bringing back richness and depth to your wooden surfaces.

Using our Furniture Markers is incredibly easy. Simply clean the area to be treated, choose the closest color match, and apply the marker to the damaged spot. The quick-drying ink sets rapidly, leaving a smooth, even coat that integrates perfectly with the surrounding finish.

Don’t let the small imperfections detract from the beauty of your furniture. With our Furniture Markers, you have an effortless and cost-effective solution at your fingertips. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and hello to a flawless finish. Get your set today and keep your furniture looking its best for years to come.


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