Pastel Markers

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Experience a gentle splash of color with our dual-sided pastel markers, offering a 12 or 24 color range with a versatile chisel tip and fine tip, 4mm/1mm (0.16″/0.04″) in size, for dynamic expression.

Delight in the soft hues of our pastel marker set, a collection designed for artists, planners, and craft enthusiasts who appreciate the subtlety of gentle color. Available in sets of 12 or 24 colors, these markers provide a versatile palette for creating soothing and inviting artwork.

Each marker is thoughtfully designed with dual-sided writing capability, featuring an oblique brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. The chisel tip measures 4mm (0.16 inches), perfect for bold strokes and filling larger areas with ease, while the fine tip at 1mm (0.04 inches) allows for meticulous detail work and precise lines.

Our non-erasable pastel markers are filled with vibrant, long-lasting ink that dries quickly to prevent smudging, ensuring your work stays crisp and clear. Whether you’re sketching, journaling, or designing, the smooth ink application and consistent color payoff make these markers a joy to use.

Optimized for search engines, these pastel markers are easy to find for those in search of high-quality, dual-tip art supplies. The keywords in our product descriptions are selected to boost our online presence, so when you search for pastel markers, you’ll find our sets among the top results.

The 12-color pack offers a basic range for those who love the essentials, the other 12-color pack offers more retro colors, while the 24-color pack expands your creative possibilities with a complete spectrum of these pastel shades. Each set comes in a durable box that not only protects your markers but also keeps them neatly organized and portable.

Crafted with an eye for quality, our pastel markers feature a robust design that withstands the rigors of frequent use. The caps are color-coded for quick identification, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your artistic vision.

Embrace the calming effect of pastel shades and add a professional quality to your work with our dual-sided pastel markers. Perfect for bullet journals, scrapbooking, or art projects, these markers are an essential addition to any artist’s toolkit. Purchase your set today and transform your creative ideas into pastel perfection with every stroke!


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