Red, Blue and Black Markers

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Make your mark with our vibrant red, blue, and black markers, featuring a 1.5mm (0.06″) round toe brush tip and permanent ink for lasting impressions on any surface.

Whether you’re a professional artist, an avid DIYer, or a diligent student, our set of red, blue, and black markers will be your go-to tools for bold and lasting expression. Each marker in this versatile trio is equipped with a durable 1.5mm (0.06 inches) round toe brush tip, perfect for creating clean lines and detailed work that stands out with clarity.

Crafted with high-quality permanent ink, these markers are designed to leave a lasting mark on a variety of surfaces, from paper and cardboard to plastic and glass. The ink is formulated to resist fading, smudging, and water, ensuring your messages and designs remain vibrant and visible for years to come.

The trio of red, blue, and black colors offers a classic range that’s essential for any kind of work, whether it’s color-coding documents, creating artwork, or labeling items for organization. The robust construction of the markers ensures that they can withstand the rigors of daily use, while the cap’s design prevents the ink from drying out.

These markers are not just practical; they are designed with an ergonomic barrel that provides a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during long writing or drawing sessions. The ease of use makes them suitable for all ages and skill levels, from young learners to seasoned professionals.

For those who value precision and permanence, our red, blue, and black marker set is the perfect addition to your collection of writing instruments. They are ideal for use in the office, classroom, studio, or home, providing the versatility and durability that your tasks demand.

Invest in our permanent markers and experience the difference in quality and performance. Whether you’re taking notes, creating art, or labeling belongings, these markers will help you do it with confidence. Purchase your set today and enjoy the vibrant, long-lasting results that only our red, blue, and black markers can provide.


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