Washable Felt Tip Pens – 12/18/24/36/48 Colors

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Elevate your child’s creativity with our Safe Washable Double-Headed Marker set. Available in 12, 18, 24, 36, or 48 colors, these markers are designed for children, boasting washable and safe features for worry-free artistic exploration.

Introducing our Safe Washable Double-Headed Marker set, designed to unleash the artistic potential of children, teens, or adults while prioritizing safety and ease of use. This comprehensive marker set offers vibrant colors, washable properties, and health-conscious features, making it an ideal choice for young artists and educators alike.

Available in a range of options including 12, 18, 24, 36, or 48 colors, these double-headed markers provide ample variety for creative expression. Whether for doodling, coloring, or illustrating, you’ll have access to a diverse palette to bring your imagination to life. With each marker meticulously crafted to ensure consistent ink flow and color saturation, young artists can enjoy smooth and effortless drawing experiences.

Made with aqueous and washable ink, these markers are non-toxic and easy to clean, giving parents peace of mind while allowing children to explore their creativity freely. The absence of harmful chemicals ensures a worry-free coloring experience, making these markers suitable for use in homes, schools, and daycare centers.

Each marker set comes neatly packaged in a convenient box, providing organized storage and easy access to all colors. The compact size of the box makes it perfect for on-the-go creativity, whether it’s during family trips, art classes, or playdates with friends. The clear labeling on the box makes it easy to identify colors, promoting independent use and fostering a sense of ownership over their art supplies.


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