Water Based Markers

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Create and correct with ease using our water based markers, featuring a dual-tip design with a 0.4mm (0.016″) fine point and soft 2mm (0.08″) nylon bristles, all in a compact, portable pack.

Introducing our versatile collection of water based markers, perfect for artists, students, and craft enthusiasts who appreciate the flexibility of erasable color. Available in sets of 12, 24, or 36 vibrant hues, these markers offer a range of options to bring your creative projects to life. Each marker features a dual-headed design, including a sharp 0.4mm (0.016 inches) fine point for precise lines and detailed work, paired with approximately 2mm (0.08 inches) soft nylon bristles for broader strokes and seamless blending.

Our markers are not only rich in color but also forgiving, thanks to their erasable nature. Mistakes are no longer permanent, providing you with the freedom to experiment and perfect your work. This feature is particularly valuable for educators, students, and professionals who require the flexibility to make corrections as they go.

The markers come in a beautifully designed plastic container with a foldable snap fastener, ensuring that your markers are secure and organized.

The water-based ink in our markers is formulated to be non-toxic and safe for all ages, making them an excellent choice for classroom settings or family craft time.

Whether you’re illustrating, journaling, or designing, our water-based markers are engineered to provide an exceptional drawing experience. The dual tips offer versatility, allowing you to switch between tasks without changing tools. The fine tip is perfect for writing and intricate details, while the brush tip is ideal for coloring, shading, and blending.

Embrace the full spectrum of color with our water-based markers. Purchase your set today and enjoy the convenience of erasable artistry with the added benefit of portability. Elevate your artistic endeavors with the perfect blend of precision, flexibility, and vibrant color. Our water based markers are the essential tool for anyone looking to add a touch of creativity to their work, with the peace of mind that any errors can be easily corrected. Get ready to transform your ideas into stunning visual statements with our reliable and travel-friendly markers.


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